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mAbXell is dedicated to providing reliable and reproducible recombinant antibodies in various forms for diversified applications. Our team is a group of scientists who have made over 1000 recombinant antibodies in the past decade.  
Our Team
Dr. Eunice Yu Zhou
Founder and Scientific Advisor

Dr. Zhou is highly skilled in engineering proteins and antibodies using both structure-based design and directed evolution by phage and yeast display.  Dr. Zhou has developed novel ways to identify and engineer human monoclonal antibodies to target membrane proteins.  The novel method to screen phage display antibodies using both cancer cells and yeast-displayed antigens made it possible to generate disease associated monoclonal antibodies to virtually any antigen with high throughput.  She has generated many monoclonal antibodies for therapeutics and diagnostics. These include an antibody affinity-engineered for PET imaging that advanced to Phase 1 clinical trial and an antibody discovered from cell selection for antibody targeted drug delivery that also advanced to Phase 1 clinical trial, as well as antibodies for immune modulation that are currently in pre-clinical development.

Click here for a list of selected publications by Dr. Zhou.

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