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Construction of recombinant antibody library

We make high quality single-chain variable fragment (scFv) library from cells provided by customers, or synthetic and semi-synthetic libraries based on customer’s needs to obtain unique antibodies without attached intellectual property (IP).

Generating antigen specific antibodies

We develop custom strategies for each antigen based on antigen’s properties and customer’s need, screen our in-house scFv libraries, deliver unique antigen-specific antibodies in the form of IgG or scFv.

Improvement of antibodies for therapeutic application

We use molecular evolution to engineer antibodies and improve properties such as immunogenicity, affinity maturation, epitope targeting, species specificity, and thermostability

Small scale antibody production for testing

We produce small scale antibodies in the customers desired format. These include IgGs with Fc from different species, scFv, scFv dimer, scFv fusion, Fab and others. Transient expression or stable expression cell lines is provided as requested.

Antibody related molecular biology services

We design and deliver custom expression constructs and plasmids.

To inquire more about our services, please contact us through the link below:
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